Lincoln Memorial

Lincoln Memorial
Lincoln Memorial.jpg
Location Capital Wasteland
Leader Leroy Walker
Main Locals Slavers
Appearances Fallout 3
Related Quests Head of State

The Lincoln Memorial is located at the far west of The Mall in the D.C Ruins. It's a memorial building dedicated to Abraham Lincoln who famously lead the United States through the American Civil War and abolished slavery.

When you first arrive at the Memorial it's being protected by Slavers from Paradise Falls, if you attempt to enter the building the Slavers will turn hostile. If you talk to Leroy Walker he'll tell you they're guarding the Memorial to prevent any slaves from getting near it and getting any ideas about freedom.


[edit] Head of State

Main Article: Head of State

The statue is missing the head, it can be found with the slaves at the Temple of the Union. You can kill the slavers and help the slaves move into the Lincoln Memorial as part of the quest. Afterwards, Hannibal Hamlin will reward you with the Dart Gun Schematics.

The only way for the head to be replaced is for the player to find the Lincoln Memorial Poster in the Museum of History. You must then help the slaves take over the Memorial, after which Caleb Smith will reattach the head found at the Temple of the Union.

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[edit] Slavers

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