Lever-Action Rifle

Lever-Action Rifle
Lever Action Rifle.png
Maximum Damage 40
Damage Type Normal
Ammo Type 10mm Round
Ammo Capacity 10
Weight 8

The Lever-Action Rifle is a Small Guns weapon added in Fallout 3's fourth DLC pack; Point Lookout. It's appearance is similar to the Lincoln's Repeater, however it cannot be used to repair the Repeater or vice versa. The Lever-Action Rifle uses 10mm Rounds which are among the most common ammunition in the game. While it may deal more damage than most 10mm Round weapons, it also uses more Action Points per shot in V.A.T.S. mode.

This rifle is very common in Point Lookout, it can be bought from Panada at the House of Wares as soon as you arrive. It can also be found on various Swampfolk, Tribals and Smugglers. The Lever-Action Rifle can only be repaired with other Lever-Action Rifles, the problem is that they can only be found in Point Lookout, so you'll have to travel back there whenever it needs repairing or bring a few back to the Capital Wasteland with you.

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