Leroy Walker

Leroy Walker
Leroy Walker.jpg
Race Human
Affiliation Paradise Falls
Location Lincoln Memorial
Appearances Fallout 3
Drops Items:

Apparel: Metal Armor Weapons: Combat Shotgun

Leroy Walker is a slaver who can be found at the Lincoln Memorial.

[edit] Head of State

Main Article: Head of State

Leroy is one of the slavers searching for the escaped slaves of Temple of the Union. You have the choice of siding with Leroy to capture them, or you can side with Hannibal Hamlin and take Leroy and his men out.

[edit] Lincoln's Profit Margins

Main Article: Lincoln's Profit Margins

Leroy will buy Lincoln's Artefacts from you so he can destroy them. He doesn't want any of the escaped slaves to find hope and inspiration from Abraham Lincoln!

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