Race Human
Affiliation Talon Company
Location Le Maison Beauregard
Appearances Fallout 3
Drops Items:
Lag-Bolt's Note
Lag-Bolt's Suitcase Key

Lag-Bolt's Combat Armor
Lag-Bolt's Shades Weapons:
Heavy Incinerator

Lag-Bolt is a hostile Talon Company merc. that appears in Fallout 3. He wears a unique piece of armor, Lag-Bolt's Combat Armor, and a unique piece of headgear, Lag-Bolt's Shades. He was added in the expansion pack Broken Steel.

Lag-Bolt can only be found in the La Maison Beauregard.

[edit] Fatal Attraction

Main Article: Fatal Attraction

In the unmarked quest Fatal Attraction, Lag-Bolt is waiting for his lover in the La Maison.

[edit] Notes

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