Keller Family Refuge

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Keller Family Refuge
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Location(s) Anchorage Memorial
Grisly Diner
Hallowed Moors Cemetery
Pylon Shack
Sniper Shack
Received by Keller Family Tapes
Reward(s) 5 Mini Nuke's
Experimental MIRV
Nuka-Cola Quantum
U.S. Army: 30 Handy Flamethrower Recipes

Keller Family Refuge is a side-quest that the player is given access to after finding any of the Keller Family Tapes.


[edit] Quest Objectives

[edit] Tape 1

The player must first travel to the VAPL-58 Power Station, then follow the towers until you reach the Pylon Shack. The tape is located on the bottom shelf of a bookcase.

It should be noted that this quest is not needed to access the bunker. This tape does not contain any of the 4-digit codes, however it does provide the player with more backstory for the questline.

In this location the player can find a Mini Nuke and a Pre-War Book.

[edit] Tape 2

For the next tape, the player must travel to the Hallowed Moors Cemetery. The Cemetery is located north of Big Town. If the player enters from the front entrace, the Tape is located on the left podium.

The player will find a Captive, whom they have the chance to release for Good Karma, or they can leave to their fate. The player can also find the following items:

[edit] Tape 3

The third Tape is located near the Grisly Diner north of the Temple of the Union. Enter the Diner, then turn right and use the back exit. The Tape is sitting on a table.

The player can also find a copy of Tales of a Junktown Jerky Vendor inside the Diner on the racks.

[edit] Tape 4

The fourth Tape is located to the west of Rockbreaker's Last Gas. On top of the hill the player will see the Sniper Shack. The player must make their way up the south side of the cliff. Be wary as their may be Super Mutants and Centaurs.

The Tape is found on the workbench on the left side of the shack. In a box below the workbench the player can find a copy of Dean's Electronics. Under a night stand the layer can also find a copy of Guns and Bullets and a Pre-War Book.

There is also a locked Very Hard locker that contains the the Victory Rifle.

[edit] Tape 5

The final Tape is to the north of the Anchorage Memorial. On the other side of the river the player will find an overturned truck and a tent behind it. Inside the tent is the last Tape.

[edit] National Guard Bunker

After gaining all the Keller Family Tapes, the player will need to head to the National Guard Depot. After fighting your way past the Mister Gutsy robots and Sentry Bots, the player will need to reach the Armory. Inside the Armor the player will find a locked door and a Terminal. Collecting all of the Keller Family Tapes will allows the player to unlock the door.

Inside the Bunker the player will have to fight a Glowing One. As a reward the player will find the following items:

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