The Karma system is a reflection of all the good or bad choices you make through-out Fallout 3. Having good or bad karma can get you bonuses from certain members of the wasteland. However there is a downside, having good karma will result in Talon Company Mercs hunting you down and having bad karma will result in Regulators hunting you down. Having neutral karma will result in less bonuses but you won't have to worry about Regulators or Talon Company Mercs.

[edit] Karma Levels

  • +750 to +1000 = Very Good
  • +250 to +749 = Good
  • -249 to +249 = Neutral
  • -749 to -250 = Evil
  • -1000 to -750 = Very Evil

[edit] Karma Titles

Very Evil
Very Good
Level Good Karma Neutral Karma Bad Karma
Level 1 Vault Guardian Vault Dweller Vault Delinquent
Level 2 Vault Martyr Vault Renegade Vault Outlaw
Level 3 Sentinel Seeker Opportunist
Level 4 Defender Wanderer Plunderer
Level 5 Dignitary Citizen Fat Cat
Level 6 Peacekeeper Adventurer Marauder
Level 7 Ranger of the Wastes Vagabond of the Wastes Pirate of the Wastes
Level 8 Protector Mercenary Reaver
Level 9 Urban Avenger Urban Ranger Urban Invader
Level 10 Exemplar Ne'er-do-well Observer
Level 11 Capitol Crusader Capital Councillor Capital Crimelord
Level 12 Paladin Keeper Defiler
Level 13 Vault Legend Vault Descendant Vault Boogeyman
Level 14 Ambassador of Peace Pinnacle of Survival Harbinger of War
Level 15 Urban Legend Urban Myth Urban Superstition
Level 16 Hero of the Wastes Strider of the Wastes Villain of the Wastes
Level 17 Paragon Beholder Fiend
Level 18 Wasteland Savior Wasteland Watcher Wasteland Destroyer
Level 19 Saint Super-Human Evil Incarnate
Level 20 Last, Best Hope of Humanity Paradigm of Humanity Scourge of Humanity
Level 21 Restorer of Faith Soldier of Fortune Architect of Doom
Level 22 Model of Selflessness Profiteer Bringer of Sorrow
Level 23 Shepherd Egocentric Deceiver
Level 24 Friend of the People Loner Consort of Discord
Level 25 Champion of Justice Hero for Hire Stuff of Nightmares
Level 26 Symbol of Order Model of Apathy Agent of Chaos
Level 27 Herald of Tranquility Person of Refinement Instrument of Ruin
Level 28 Lightbringer Moneygrubber Soultaker
Level 29 Earthly Angel Gray Stranger Demon's Spawn
Level 30 Messiah True Mortal Devil

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