Just for the Taste of It

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Just for the Taste of It
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Location(s) Nuka-Cola Plant
Received by Winger Mercier
Reward(s) 250/400 Caps

Ledoux's Hockey Mask

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'Just for the Taste of It is a side-quest that the player is given access to after finding the body of Winger Mercier.


[edit] Quest Objectives

[edit] The Nuka-Cola Plant

The player must advance to the second floor of the Nuka Cola Plant's offices. Here, the player can find the corpse of Winger Mercier. On his body the player will find the Finding the Formula Note. The Note is directed to Winger, and asks him to find the secret Nuka-Cola Clear recipe from the R&D Department of the Nuka-Cola Plant and bring it to his partner, Goalie Ledoux. Ledoux is awaiting his return outside of the Red Racer Factory.

[edit] The R&D Department

To find the formula, the player must travel to the R&D Department, which is the first room on the left as the player enters the Nuka-Cola Plant. The words "RESEARCH" on the wall indicate that the player is traveling to the right room. The formula is locked within a safe on one of the walls. To unlock the safe, the player must gain the key from a Mister Handy robot Milo, the Shipping Foreman. To find the robot, the player must travel to the lower level of the factory. The player must pass a Speech check to convince Milo to hand of the key. If the player has the Robotics Expert Perk, Milo will hand over the key immediately. Alternatively, the player can go to the office next to the R&D Department and find a Note labeled "Welcome to the Nuka-Cola Family!" This Note contains the ID data that will allow them to pass the ID check. The player may also choose to simply destroy the robot and loot the key.

[edit] The Red Racer Factory

After gaining the recipe, the player must head north-east to the Red Racer Factory. Ledoux and two two other members from his Ice-Gang will be standing outside the Factory waiting for the player. He will offer the player 250 caps for the formula. If the player passes a Speech check, he will offer 400 caps.

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