John Kendall

John Kendall
Race Human
Affiliation n/a
Location Vault 101
Appearances Fallout 3
Drops Items:


Vault 101 Security Armor


Police Baton

John Kendall is a resident of Vault 101 and the husband of Mary Kendall. He has two daughters, Christine and Monica.

[edit] Growing Up Fast

Main Article: Growing Up Fast

During the players 10th birthday party, he patrols the corridors. He interacts with the Overseer on the stairwell to the upper floor. Here, the Overseer admits he dislikes the player and only attended the party to please Amata. He is told make sure the cafeteria is clean after the party and that everyone returns to their home or work.

[edit] Escape!

Main Article: Escape!

During the players escape, he is the first security officer the player runs in to. Before he reacts to the player, he is swarmed with Radroaches. This allows the player time to escape. He usually is killed by the roaches. It is possible to save him, although this results in him hunting the player throughout the Vault.

If he survives the Radroach attack, he may be found during the Trouble on the Homefront quest and can be interacted with.

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