Jiggs' Loot

Jiggs' Loot
Location(s) Museum of Technology
Received by Prime
Reward(s) 500 Caps

Xuanlong Assault Rifle

Related Quests n/a

Jigg's Loot is an unmarked quest in Fallout 3. You can start this quest by reading the #000 entry on the terminal located behind the destroyed airplane in the Museum of Technology. Choose the number 19 on the same terminal, then go through the Vault tour, then into the next section. You know you are at the right location when you see a model of a Verti Bird to the left of the door. Go to the second terminal farthest from the hallway and choose the number 53. Then go to the bottom of the room of the Delta IX Rocket and activate that terminal. Choose number 113 to unlock the next note. Prime's voice will give you a pass code to use on the terminal in the Security Office. Unlock the Safe to get some loot, 200 caps, and the gun locker key. Go into the Planetarium Office to unlock the cabinet.

Then head to Jury Street Metro and enter the Diner to find Prime's dismembered body. Search his body to find the Xuanlong Assault Rifle, and Caps.

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