James Hargrave

James Hargrave
James Hargrave.jpg
Race Human
Affiliation Tammy Hargrave
Location Rivet City
Appearances Fallout 3
Drops Items:



James Hargrave is a resident of Rivet City. He is the son of Tammy Hargrave, who usually drinks a lot.

James is good friends with C.J. Young, despite her mothers disapproval of their friendship. Even though Christie Young doesn't approve of James, she hopes C.J. Young will have a positive impact of James' life.

[edit] The Runaways

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The player can convince James to run away from hope via a Speech check. If passed, he will run away with C.J. Young to Anacostia Crossing Station. If the player ventures there, you can convince him to return home.

[edit] Light-Fingers Hargrave

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Players with the Child at Heart Perk can ask James to steal ammo for them. He will give you a random ammo type with a variable quantity. You can return every twelve hours to receive some more.

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