James (Dad)
Race Human
Affiliation Vault 101 Dweller
Location Vault 101
Appearances Fallout 3

James is the Lone Wanderer's father in Fallout 3. He was the lead scientist of Project Purity at the Jefferson Memorial. His wife Catherine died from a cardiac arrest shortly after giving birth to the Lone Wanderer, this lead James to abandon Project Purity and seeking refuge in Vault 101 for the protection of his child.

James remained in Vault 101 for 19 years and worked as a Vault Doctor along side his lab assistant Jonas. One day James left Vault 101 without any explanation, this was considered as a major rule break and the enraged Vault Overseer murdered Jonas because he believed he helped James escape.

[edit] Escape!

Main Article: Escape!

After the death of Jonas, The Lone Wanderer is forced to leave the vault and go in search of his father's whereabouts.

[edit] Tranquility Lane

Main Article: Tranquility Lane

The Lone Wanderer has to travel to Vault 112 and enter Stanislaus Braun's simulation to rescue James.

[edit] The Waters of Life

Main Article: The Waters of Life

The reason James left Vault 101 was to restart work on Project Purity. While inside the vault he discovered some information about the G.E.C.K which is an item he needed in order to complete the project. James was able to recruit many of the original scientists with the help of the Lone Wanderer and work on Project Purity was continued. However, shortly after the Project starts, the Enclave attacked the Jefferson Memorial and attempted to take control. Refusing to give up, James overloads the purifier which floods the control room with a deadly level of Radiation, he sacrifices his own life so that the Lone Wanderer and Dr. Li can escape.

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