Marcus FNV.jpg
Leader Marcus
Appearances Fallout: New Vegas
Located at Northwest corner of the map

Jacobstown is a settlement in Fallout: New Vegas. The leader of the small village is Marcus, a super mutant that appears in Fallout 2. Prior to the war, it appears as though it was once a resort in the mountains, featuring a lodge among other areas that would suggest this. Jacobstown is inhabited by Super Mutants, Nightkin, and the human Doctor Henry and his assistant Calamity. The potential companion Lily is also found here.

[edit] Related Quests

Upon exiting Jacobstown for the first time, you'll be prompted by Marcus to start the Unfriendly Persuasion quest. Doctor Henry is needed to complete the Nothin' But a Hound Dog and For Auld Lang Syne quests, and gives the Guess Who I Saw Today quest.

[edit] Notes

  • The name "Jacobstown" is probably a reference to Marcus's best friend Jacob.
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