JP Stash Note

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JP Stash Note
JP Stash Note.jpg
Location(s) Sewer
Received by Hidden Stash Note
Reward(s) Ammo


Related Quests n/a

JP Stash Note is a side-quest that the player is given access to after finding the Hidden Stash Note.

[edit] Quest Objectives

[edit] The Note

The player can find the holodisk in the Sewer between Pennsylvania Avenue and Seward Square.

The holodisk is found the southern room, next to three skeletons and a Laser Pistol with a few Microfusion Cells.

[edit] The Stash

The stash mention in the Note is located in the southeast area of the metro. The stash is found within a large hole in the wall. The stash consists of a few boxes of ammunition.

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