Irving Cheng

Irving Cheng
Irving Cheng.jpg
Race Human
Affiliation N/A
Location Tenpenny Tower
Appearances Fallout 3
Drops Items:



Irving Cheng is a resident of Tenpenny Tower. He resides there with his wife Tiffany Cheng. His wife apparently hates him due to the fact that he has many conversations with Susan Lancaster.

Irving believes himself to be a Comrade of the Chinese Army. The player can view his personal terminal which reveals that his father was a high ranking officer in the Chinese Army. Irving wants to create a communist state, the goal of the Chinese Army.

Irving's plans for Communionism can be found in his terminal. The plan reads:

"We excel at destroying the old world, and we excel at building a new one." - Chairman Cheng

Two hundred years ago, Chairman Cheng led his armies to defeat the decadent rulers of this land. Now, his humble descendant, Comrade Cheng, shall lead its noble people to rebuild a brighter land in its place!

By uniting to work together, we can eradicate the twin dangers of lawlessness and disease. With unified soldiers, we can cleanse the land of beasts and highwaymen. With organized farmers, we can overcome starvation and poverty. When competing villages are destroyed, all must unite under the glorious leadership of Comrade Cheng and the Tenpenny Commune!

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