Into the Pitt

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Into The Pitt
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Location(s) Radio Tower

Train Tunnel

Received by Werhner's Distress Signal
Reward(s) Access to The Pitt
Related Quests Unsafe Working Conditions

Free Labor

Into the Pitt is a quest that the player is given access to after downloading The Pitt DLC expansion. The quest is available immediately after the player's Pip-boy detects a distress signal.


[edit] Quest Objectives

[edit] Finding The Distress Signal

The player will receive a new radio signal from an escaped slave by the name of Werhner. The radio broadcast asks for the players aid in retrieving a cure for the mutation that is affecting the population of The Pitt. Werhner claims that the plague was released by the leader of the raiders, Ashur.

The source of the radio broadcast is a Radio Tower situated in the northern section of the Capital Wasteland. As the player arrives, they will find Werhner being attacked by a group of Raiders. After saving him, Werhner will explain his situation and asks the player to rendezvous with him at the Train Tunnel in the west.

[edit] Obtaining A Slave Outfit

Upon arriving at the destination, Werhner asks the player to acquire a salve outfit from the slave camp close to the Train Tunnel. After reaching the slave camp, the player is able to acquire the slave outfit through two different methods; purchasing the slaves or killing the Pitt Slavers. Inside the slave pen, the player can find an outfit on a dead slave. The player must then enter the Train Tunnel and activate a hand cart to travel to The Pitt.

[edit] The Trainyard

After arriving at the Trainyard, Werhner tells the player to stay back while he talks with the guards. Negotiations take a turn for the worse, ending up with the Pitt Raiders attacking Werhner and the player.

Following the shootout with the Pitt Raiders, Werhner will lead the player to the northwestern corner of the Trainyard. He tells that player that he cannot accompany you any further. He tells the player that upon reaching the gate of The Pitt, the guards will confiscate all weapons and armor. He also asks the player to find a slave called Midea. The player can ask him about concealing a small weapon. Werhner agrees, and will offer a Switchblade or a .32 Pistol.

[edit] The Pitt

The Pitt Bridge

To the west of the Trainyard, the player will encounter a group of Wildmen inhabiting a building. The will attack the player on sight. It is also possible to Sneak past them.

North of the Wildmen the player will find The Pitt Bridge. The bridge is littered with vehicles and is covered in mines. In the event that the player detonates a mine, it is likely that a giant chain-reaction will ensue. The player will also come under fire from a Pitt Raider equipped with a Sniper Rifle. It is advised that the player enters sneak mode whilst crossing the bridge. the Light Step perk is also useful. The water below the bridge is extremely lethal, with radiation levels over 100 Rads.

After crossing the bridge, the player will find a narrow street. A few slaves run across the street, only to be killed by mines.

[edit] Gaining Entrance

The scenario upon reaching the gate can proceed in a number of different ways. If the player decides to kill the guard, Mex, and the three Pitt Raiders, they can proceed to enter Downtown. However, the player will become incapacitated after being attacked by four Pitt Raiders equipped with Police Batons. The screen will then fade to black as the Raiders fight over the players equipment. The player will gain access to the concealed weapon if received from Werhner.

If the player pretends to be a slave, Mex will believe that you were an escaped slave that couldn't cross the bridge. He will proceed to take all of the players equipment. However, if you received a concealed weapon from Werhner, you will have access to it now. Mex will send the player to Downtown.

The player can also tell Mex that he/she would like to become a slaver. Mex will then lie to the player, allowing you to pass. The player will then be attack in the same way as above.

Entering Downtown will effectively complete the quest.

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