Hidden Stash Note

The Hidden Stash Note is a holodisk found next to some skeletons in the Sewer between Pennsylvania Avenue and Seward Square. Finding the note will start an Unmarked Quest called JP Stash Note.

[edit] Note

"JP is a lying, toilet-sucking, good for nothing, rad-brained bastard.

The stash doesn't exist. We searched everywhere down here and nothing, not one lousy gun. We managed to pick up some ammo, but that's about it. Now we're stuck here with these damn mutants streaming in and out of the tunnels. What are those bastards even doing?

I snuck some of our supplies at the end of the southeast tunnel under some debris. There's no way we can sneak past the bastards carrying it all by ourselves. Hell, I'll send JP down here next time to retrieve it - see how he likes it"

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