Herbert "Daring" Dashwood

Herbert "Daring" Dashwood
Herbert Dashwood.JPG
Race Human
Affiliation Argyle
Location Tenpenny Tower
Appearances Fallout 3
Drops Items:



Herbert Dashwood is an elderly resident in Tenpenny Tower.

Herbert used to do some adventuring back in his day with his ghoul manservant Argyle. They ventured to many places, including Rockopolis.

[edit] A Manhandled Manservant

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On Galaxy News Radio reenactments of their adventures occasionally play. On one of the episodes Dashwood falls for a slaver named Penelope Chase, and reveals the underground city to her. She reports the location to the Paradise Falls slavers, and they enslave everyone in Rockopolis.

In Rockopolis you can find Argyle's dead body. If you report the news to Dashwood he'll then give you the combination to his wall safe as a reward for completing this unmarked quest.

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