Head of State

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Head of State
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Location(s) Temple of the Union

Lincoln Memorial

Received by Hannibal Hamlin

Leroy Walker

Reward(s) Dart Gun Schematics
Related Quests n/a


[edit] Obtaining the Quest

The Quest can be obtained easy, by finding the Temple of the Union on your own and knock on the door.

The other option is to travel to Rivet City and speak to Mei Wong. She´s an former slave and is very concerned about a strange man in Rivet City, called Sister. Mei Wong suspects him to be a slaver. (He can be found in the Hotel) If you offer her some money (25 caps) to buy a gun, she´ll give you the Temple of the Union map marker.

After this, the dialog at the temple doors varies.

[edit] Quest Objectives

As you are inside the temple, Hannibal Hamlin claims a naive vow from you and asks you to:

[edit] The Museum of History

The picture of the memorial has a grey taint and is still in a frame on the wall.

Inside the museum you can find things like Lincolns Hat, an Abe-Actionfigure, his voice, his diary or his gun, Lincoln's Repeater in a showcase, besides the Glowing One. All of these things can be found on the floor, on tables or in ruins. They can be sold to Hannibal Hamlin or to Leroy Walker after this Quest.

[edit] Approaching the Lincoln Memorial

In the name of freedom

With the picture in you bag, heed to the west on the same side of the mall to the Georgetown Metro Station entrance.

As you will see on your steps towards the Lincoln Memorial there aren´t any Muties left, instead the stairs to the memorial is fortified by slavers.

  • It could happen, if you wiped out Paradise Falls, the slavers will attack immediately (although when you´ve left someone alive they sometime won't attack).
  • When you are coming closer, the slaver - forward post will lead you to Leroy Walker.

You can tell Leroy about the Temple of the Union and he decides to attack the temple.

[edit] Temple Defending

Now fast-travel to the temple and warn Hannibal Hamlin. The slaves will form on the walls, looking for the slavers. (When you mark the Quest in the Pipboy, you can see where the traveling slavers are on the world map) You´ll have to wait 24 hours and the slavers are still not in-sight...

So jump down (or even leave the temple) on the temple side where the door is and run straight into the Wasteland. After a small hill you can spot a group of armed men in front of you. (the Quest marker on the compass should show the direction - make sure the slavers are there already(world map)). As they see you, they´ll attack. It´s not the easiest fight, harder than the talon guys I think. When they are done bring the picture to Caleb Smith at the ground floor of the Temple of the Union and report to Hanibal upstairs. The slaves will start to travel to the Lincoln Memorial.

[edit] Finishing

Now fast travel to the Georgetown Metro Station. Sometimes a pack dogs roams around here, even if you have the Animal Friend perk...shoot´em. The slave don´t benefit from your perks.

Again, you can mark the Quest to see where the slaves are their route is quiet weird. Wait 24 h (recommended 2x 12h) in front of the Metro Station. Turn 360° every times you have done waiting. Sometimes the slaves appear behind you. Except the mentioned dogs, there shouldn't be any enemies left. When all the slaves are save at the temple everyone is glad, that things are rosy and skies are blue once again........

[edit] Notes

  • You can send the slavers to the Temple of the Union before you obtain the picture of the memorial.
  • In contrast to Abraham Washington in Rivet City, selling Lincoln-Souvenirs to Hannibal Hamlin is effected by your barter and speech skill.
  • really, be sure to make many saves...if the slavers or the slaves "get lost" on their routes, it can strain your nerves badly!
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