Hatchling Mirelurk Meat

Hatchling Mirelurk Meat
Mirelurk Meat.png
Addiction Rate n/a
Effects +5 Hit Points
+2 Radiation
Weight 1
Value 4

Hatchling Mirelurk Meat is a food item the player can obtain in Fallout 3. Unlike other types of Mirelurk based Edibles, such as Mirelurk Meat and Mirelurk Cakes which give the player +20 and +30 Hit Points respectively, Hacthling Mirelurk Meat is vastly ineffective. The Hatchling Meat only provides the player with +5 Hit Points.

The only way to obtain Hatchling Mirelurk Meat is by searching the Egg Cluthes deep with Mirelurk controlled territory, such as the Anchorage Memorial.

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