Growing Up Fast

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Growing Up Fast
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Location(s) Vault 101
Received by Dad
Reward(s) Pip-Boy 3000

BB Gun

Related Quests Baby Steps

Future Imperfect

The Growing Up Fast quest appears after the Baby Steps quest, however 9 years have past and you find yourself at your 10th Birthday party. After a heart-felt talk with your Dad the Vault 101 Overseer will come over and present you with a Pip-Boy 3000, this will keep track your of your health, location and inventory.

Happy 10th Birthday!
Amata is the next person to wish you a happy birthday, it doesn't matter if you're polite or rude to her, she still gives you a Grognak the Barbarian comic which will increase you Melee skill by 1. From here you can also receive a sweet-roll from Old Lady Palmer. Once you take the sweet-roll turn around to see Vault 101's clumsy Mr. Handy robot called Andy destroy the birthday cake, this will lead to Butch confronting you and demanding the sweet-roll. If you choose to insult Butch (or his Mother) you and Butch will throw fists until Officer Gomez comes in to break it up. Talk to a Stanley after the fight a he'll give you a Baseball Cap, then your Dad will come over a tell you that Jonas has a surprise down in the reactor room, as you make your way to Jonas, you'll walk into Beatrice who will give you a poem she wrote for you birthday.

Head downstairs and into the reactor room, wait for your dad to arrive and then Jonas will give you a BB Gun. Head into the next room and you'll have three targets to hit followed by a Radroach, shoot all of these target then head back to your Dad to have your picture taken with him, the quest will end with the flash of the camera and you'll be fast-forwarded 6 years to the Future Imperfect quest.

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