Giant Ant Queen

Giant Ant Queen
Giant Ant Queen.png
Race Ant
Affiliation Giant Ant
Location Marigold Metro Station
Corvega Factory


Appearances Fallout 3
Drops Items:

There are only 3 Giant Ant Queens found within Fallout 3.

There locations are as follows:

Giant Ant Queens are very durable, having roughly 1/2 of the health of a Super Mutant Behemoth. They can survive a direct hit from a Mini Nuke. If the player is in battle with a Giant Ant Queen, the safest way of combating her is to move around behind her. Since she is not very fast the player is able to continue attack her from the back, and is able to strafe around her as she turns to attack.

If the player manages to kill a Giant Ant Queen, they are awarded with Ant Queen Pheromones that provide the player with +3 Charisma, -3 Intelligence and -3 Perception. Although there are only 3 Ant Queens, the player is able to acquire a fourth Pheromone through Cindy Cantelli in Rivet City. She sells one in her Drug/Chem store A Quick Fix.

Angela Staley requests that the player find her Ant Queen Pheromones to help her seduce Diego.

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