Ghost Town Gunfight

Ghost Town Gunfight
Ghost Town Gunfight.jpg
The Powder Gangers attacking Goodsprings
Location(s) Goodsprings
Received by Trudy
Reward(s) 100 caps (Goodsprings)
150 caps (Crimson Caravan)
Goodsprings Fame
Related Quests Run Goodsprings Run

Ghost Town Gunfight is a quest in Fallout: New Vegas that can be obtained in the town of Goodsprings. A trader named Ringo came into Goodsprings claiming that he is being hunted down by a group of Powder Gangers that are led by a man called Joe Cobb. This quest can be triggered by talking to Ringo himself or by talking to Trudy, the towns bartender.

The player can fight the Powder Gangers, help the Powder Gangers or just leave the town alone.

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