General Chase's Overcoat

General Chase's Overcoat
General Chase's Overcoat.png
Damage Resistance 20
Weight 25
Cost 150
Effects: +1 Charisma
+10 Small Guns
+5 Speech

General Chase's Overcoat is a piece of clothing/armor found within the Mothership Zeta DLC in Fallout 3. Although General Chase is found within the Operation: Anchorage DLC, his Overcoat cannot be obtained until Mothership Zeta. The armor is found within the Waste Disposal area of the ship, inside a footlocker named "Military Footlocker". After fighting the first Drone, it is found through the door on the right, near a railing.

The Overcoat provides the player with +1 Charisma, +10 Small Guns and +5 Speech. It can be repaired with:

[edit] Glitch

There is a chance that the Overcoat will glitch, changing its appearance to that of the Winterized Combat Armor. While the appearance changes, the Effects stay the same. It can also still be repaired by the items listed above.

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