General Atomics

General Atomics International
Industry: Nuclear Physics/Robotics
Product(s): Robobrain
Mister Handy
Mister Gutsy
Liberty Prime
Headquarters: n/a

General Atomics were a prewar company that were responsible for the creation of the Mister Gutsy and Mister Handy robots. They also were the creators of the Robobrain series of robot. They provided the nuclear supplies found within many Vaults. General Atomics played a key role in the creation of Liberty Prime.

Their main robot was the Mister Handy series that was designed as a house-keeper that would be capable of defending itself. These were able to help around the house and possess a polite English accent.

General Atomics Mister Handy

[edit] Notes

  • General Atomics is a real company, like the Fallout counterpart it works with nuclear physics.

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