Gecko (creature)

Geckos are creatures that were added in Fallout 2 and are going to appear in the upcoming game Fallout: New Vegas. Before the nuclear holocaust of 2077 they were found in warm states or countries around the world, much like the geckos or lizards in our universe. Geckos are only found in the Core Region and throughout the midwest, which is why there are no geckos on the East Coast. They came in a variety of colors, but geckos in Fallout 2 only come in three shades or variants.

After the "Great War" Geckos began to change and mutate due to the surrounding Radiation. They grew taller and wider, and became giant, similar to the transformation of the Giant Ants. 200 years after the bombs dropped the inhabitants of the Wasteland still hunt Geckos for their skins, and the player in Fallout 2 can even skin a gecko with the Gecko Skinner perk.

There is no creature in the Fallout Games just named "Gecko", and there is a town named Gecko.


[edit] Sub-Species

There are three sub-species or variants of the gecko that appear/set to appear in Fallout 2 and Fallout: New Vegas. They have different skin colors, attributes, and strength and weakness's.

[edit] Little Gecko

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Little Geckos are the most common type of gecko and can easily be dispatched. They are smaller than their counterparts. They have a pale color.

[edit] Fire Gecko

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Fire Gecko.gif

Fire Geckos are a more mutated form of gecko. Like their name suggests they can breath fire because of toxins in their gut and stomach. Their skin is burnt and black and they cannot be skinned because of this. They are fairly hard to kill and it doesn't share the same appearance as the other sub-species.

[edit] Golden Gecko

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Golden Gecko.gif

Golden Geckos are geckos that are found near high amounts of radiation and have a yellowish-gold ting to their skin.

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