Gatling Laser

Gatling Laser
Gatling Laser.png
Maximum Damage 128
Damage Type Laser
Ammo Type Electron Charge Pack
Ammo Capacity 240
Weight 18
Value 1999 Caps

The Gatling Laser is a Big Guns weapon in Fallout 3. It's a quick-fire weapon that handles in a similar way to the Minigun, only the Gatling Laser fires lasers instead of bullets. This weapon can often be found on Brotherhood of Steel, Enclave and Outcast Members. They are also used by Super Mutant Overlords after adding the third DLC pack; Broken Steel. Common areas to find Gatling Lasers include Raven Rock, The Mall and Fort Independence.

The Gatling Laser uses Electron Charge Packs which can be bought from people like Flak, Shrapnel and Lucky Harith. However, it's much harder to find scattered in the Capital Wasteland. The Gatling Laser consumes Ammunition faster than any other weapon in Fallout 3, it can use over 40 rounds per second.

There are 2 unique variations of Gatling Laser found in the game. You can find Vengeance in the north-west of the Deathclaw Sanctuary and you can find the Precision Gatling Laser can be found on the body of the Armory Master in the Mobile Base Crawler at Adams Air Force Base.

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