Garden of Eden Creation Kit

Garden of Eden Creation Kit
Appearances Fallout 3
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Related Quests Finding the Garden of Eden

The Garden of Eden Creation Kit (also known as the G.E.C.K) is a terraforming device that is capable of revitalising small areas of the Capital Wasteland. It was created by a Vault-Tec scientist called Stanislaus Braun. Each vault was given two G.E.C.K.s before the Great War, there were a few exceptions like Vault 112 and Vault 101 who weren't supplied with a G.E.C.K because the residents were never supposed to leave.

The aim of the G.E.C.K. was to help the Vault dwellers repopulate the earth after leaving the vaults. When activated it fertilized the land with various food seeds. It would also change the chemicals in the land so that the residents could build houses from sand-crete.

A G.E.C.K is required in Fallout 3 in order to activate Project Purity. The only one remaining in the Capital Waseland can be found in Vault 87, it can be found in a heavily irradiated area and will require a friendly Super Mutant called Fawkes to retrieve it (it is possible without Fawkes but it's much more dangerous).

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