Galaxy News Radio Quest

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Galaxy News Radio
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Location(s) Galaxy News Radio Tower
Received by Three Dog
Reward(s) Galaxy News Radio Station
Related Quests Caching in with Three Dog

Galaxy News Radio Quest is a Fallout 3 main-quest and a trophy/achievement.


[edit] Quest Objectives

After finding the Galaxy News Radio tower and meeting Three Dog, he says that he has information on your father's whereabouts, but he wants something in return. He tells you his satellite dish has a weak signal that can only be heard from within a certain radius of the GNR tower and asks you to find a communication relay dish from the Virgo II Lunar Lander in the Museum of Technology and place it at the top of the Washington Monument to increase the radius of his radio station. In return he'll tell you what he knows about your father.

[edit] Museum of Technology Directions

The Virgo II Lunar Lander

After talking to Three Dog, head out of the GNR Tower via the back door and down towards a blocked road heading underground. The road can't be accessed, but there's a door to your right which will take you into the tunnel. The Collapsed Car Tunnel will take you into the very confusing Metro tunnels, follow your map marker south, past Dupont Station and up to the Museum Station. Be sure to check your map often if you get confused. With all the different tunnels and levels in the Metro system it can be very easy to get lost this early in the game. Also be aware of the Raiders and Feral Ghouls that lurk in this section of the tunnels. If you've done nothing but the main quests so far, this next part could be very hard with a low level character. The Museum Station will bring you out into The Mall, which is one of the main bases for the Super Mutants. It's easier to avoid fighting any of them and run straight to the Museum of Technology. The Museum is also crawling with Super Mutants, as soon as you enter you'll have to battle at least 3 of them. After killing them, go upstairs through the Vault-Tec demonstration vault and head to the West Wing which is divided into three sections, the one you want is Virgo II Exhibition. Upon entering this section you can expect another wave of Super Mutants, once the path is clear head over to the Lunar Lander, press the action button to remove the relay dish then make your way back out to The Mall.

[edit] The Washington Monument

Now that you're out of the museum, head west towards the Washington Monument, you shouldn't need directions as it's pretty hard to miss. As you head to the Monument, the Super Mutants will start attacking you again, luckily the Washington Monument is being guarded by the Brotherhood of Steel, who will step in to take out the Super Mutants when you get close to the Monument. Once you reach it, take the elevator up to the top of the Monument and place the relay where the marker indicates. Now you can fast-travel back to Three Dog at the GNR Tower. After he's thanked you for your help, he says that your father was heading to Rivet City. After completing this quest, the Galaxy News Radio Station can be heard anywhere in the Capital Wasteland.

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