Future Imperfect

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Future Imperfect
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Location(s) Vault 101
Received by Dad
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Growing Up Fast

Future Imperfect takes place after the Growing Up Fast quest. 6 year pass in the flash of a light and you appear in your Dad's office trying to get out of taking the G.O.A.T exam by faking an illness, after an unsuccessful attempt you'll be sent to class but before you leave you dad's office make sure you pick up the Medicine Bobblehead on his desk.

Get ready for the G.O.A.T
On your way to class you'll see Amata being harassed by Butch and his gang, from here you have the option to ignore it and head to class, tell Butch to make fun of her weight (Bad Karma), start a fight with Butch and the Tunnel Snakes (Butch will give up and leave when he loses a certain amount of health) or you can use a speech check option to threaten Butch about telling the overseer, if it's successful Butch will walk away (Good Karma).

After entering the class you can sit down in any empty chair to begin the G.O.A.T exam, you'll be asked 10 question each with 4 answers, each answer is related to a skill, one point will be added to each skill that's related to your answer. At the end of the exam the 3 most picked skills will become your tag skills which will add 15 points to each. If your unhappy with you results Mr. Brotch will offer to change them for you or you can avoid taking the exam all together by talking to Mr. Brotch as soon as you enter the class and ask him to cheat for you. Once you have your tag skills leave the classroom to end the quest and you'll be fast-forwarded 3 years to the Escape! quest.

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