Free Labor

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Free Labor
Free Labour.jpg
G icon.gif 40
Location(s) Haven
Received by Ashur
Reward(s) Ashur's Power Armor

Access to the Ammo Press

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Unsafe Working Conditions

Free Labour is a quest that the player is given access to after downloading The Pitt DLC expansion. The quest is available immediately after exiting The Hole and completing the Unsafe Working Conditions quest.


[edit] Quest Objectives

[edit] Meeting Ashur

After the player completes the three rounds in The Hole, they are told that Lord Ashur wishes to speak with them in Haven. Upon traveling to Haven, Ashur asks the player for their aid in killing Wernher. He explains that Wernher is staging a riot among the slaves. Ashur claims that this would result in the meaningless deaths of many people. When in conversation with him, the player can pass a Speech check claiming either to never have met Wernher, or to dislike him. Alternatively, the player can answer truthfully for the same outcome.

Ashur will tell the player of The Cure and will direct you to his wife if you wish to learn more. It is revealed that the "cure" is in fact Ashur's daughter, Marie, who was born immune to the Trog mutation. It is here that the player must decide whether to aid Ashur or Wernher.

[edit] The Decision

[edit] Siding With Ashur

[edit] Dealing With Wernher

If the player decides to leave the cure, they will find the slaves rioting against the raiders. The player will lose Karma by attacking them, however they are easily avoiding as they are equipped with Auto Axes.

The player can locate Wernher by speaking with Midea or reading the notes within her Quarters. If the player has the Child at Heart Perk, she will reveal that it was Wernher's idea to kidnap Marie and that she think of what it would take to gain freedom. Wernher is found within his Steel Yard hideout, that was previously unavailable. The player can either kill Wernher for no Karma loss, or they can convince him to leave forever via a Speech check. The player can also use the Black Widow Perk to convince him to leave.

[edit] Aftermath

After retuning to Ashur, the player is given access to the Ammo Press and the Booster Shot Perk. The player is also able to bring Teddy Bears to Ashur's wife. The player can also continue to bring Steel Ingots to Everett.

[edit] Siding With Wernher

[edit] Stealing The Cure

To aid Wernher, the player must either kill Ashur or steal the cure after he has been called away. Either decision will lead to the player being attacked by the Raiders and Ashur's wife. The player must then leave Haven and travel back to Midea's Quarters in the Downtown section. Along the way, the player will witness fights between the salves and the raiders. Midea will tell the player that she always knew the cure was a child. She will then give the player a note stating that Wernher wishes to meet you in his hideout in the Steel Yard. After handing Marie over to Wernher, he asks the player to find and deactivate the "Floodlight Control". This will shut down the floodlights that prevent the Trogs from attacking Haven.

[edit] Shutting Off the Floodlights

After speaking with Wernher, he will give the player a Stealth Boy. The player can also use the Black Widow perk to gain a few Stimpaks or ammunition. The player is tasked with entering the Underground, which is located opposite Supply Plant. The entrance is through a manhole at the very end of the train tracks. Inside the player will have to fight around 12 Trogs. The player can activate a nearby Protectron to aid in the fight. The player will then need to continue until they find the terminal controlling the floodlights. After shutting them off, the player must then exit a nearby door, leading to Haven.

[edit] Killing Ashur

After exiting the Underground, the player will be confronted by Ashur and his wife. Thy will quickly attack the player. Killing Ashur will allow you to loot his unique power armor, Ashur's Power Armor. Alternatively the player can avoid fighting Ashur. This will cause a group of Trogs to attack Ashur and the surviving raiders.

[edit] Aftermath

After dealing with Ashur, the player will then need to return to Midea's Quarters. Wernher will be waiting outside for your return. He tells the player that he is reorganizing the Pitt and asks the player to spread the word. He will grant the player access to the Ammo Press. He will also allow you to continue collecting any left over Steel Ingots. After speaking with Wernher, the player is given the Booster Shoot Perk.

When in conversation with Wernher, it is possible for him to declare you the new leader of the Pitt. To do so, the player must select the conversation option, "That leaves me as the new Lord of The Pitt." Choosing any other conversation options will cause Wernher to declare himself the new leader.

The player can speak with Midea, who tells the player that she doesn't "know how Ashur kept these people from tearing one another apart." This hints that having their freedom is no better than leaving the slaves under Ashur's organized control. Midea will also ask the player bring any Teddy Bears that they find back to her to keep Marie happy. She will pay the player 30 caps for each bear.

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