Frag Mine

Frag Mine
Frag Mine.png
Maximum Damage 101
Damage Type Explosive
Ammo Type n/a
Ammo Capacity n/a
Weight 0.5

The Frag Mine is an Explosives weapon in Fallout 3. It's similar to the Frag Grenade in terms of its damage dealt and blast radius. When the mine is armed, all enemies who walk or run into its path will trigger a small explosion. The same goes for the player, unless you have the Light Step perk. The higher the players Explosives skill, the more damage the mine will do.

Mines can be disarmed for Exp. A good place to start disarming them is at Minefield.

[edit] The Wasteland Survival Guide

Main Article: The Wasteland Survival Guide

The Lone Wanderer is required to complete the task of travelling to the middle of Minefield to collect a Frag Mine for Moira Brown. Arkansas will make this difficult.

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