Fort Bannister

Fort Bannister
Fort Bannister.png
Location Capital Wasteland
Leader Commander Jabsco
Main Locals Talon Company
Appearances Fallout 3
Places of Interest n/a
Related Quests n/a

Fort Bannister is a pre-war military base of operations. During the Great War of 2077, the Fort was of great importance to the U.S. Army, and as such, was a high value target for the Chinese when the nuclear missiles were launched. The Fort took a direct missile in the center, destroying most of the outside facilities and the surrounding area. The underground sections, however survived the blast.

By the time the player emerges from Vault 101 in 2277, the base has become the main HQ for the Talon Company mercenaries. Their leader, Commander Jabsco resides in the underground section of the base. On the outside, the player will encounter a number of Talon Company Mercs armed with R91 Assault Rifles, Chinese Assault Rifles, Combat Shotguns and the occasional Missile Launcher. These mercenaries are guarding the front entrance from the threats of the Capital Wasteland. This section of the bases had a few tents in which the player may find weapons. Inside the final tent is a manhole cover which allows the player entrance into a network of underground corridors.

The underground section of the Fort has numerous Talon Company Mercenaries armed with a variety of weapons, ranging from Flamers and Combat Shotguns to Missile Launchers and Laser Rifles. The player may also encounter a few turrets as well as Mister Gutsy Robots that are protecting Commander Jabsco.

When the player encounters Jabsco, he is equipped with a Missile Launcher, a Chinese Pistol and his unique Knife, Occam's Razor. Unlike the standard Talon Company Mercenaries, he is equipped with Metal Armor. He also wear the unique Combat Helmet, the Talon Combat Helmet, the only one in the game.

If you enslaved Flak and Shrapnel goes out looking for him, he may encounter Fort Bannister. If so, he may clear the whole fort, because he is invincible.

[edit] Broken Steel

If the player has downloaded the Broken Steel expansion, you will find several Brahmin used by the Brotherhood of Steel to transfer Aqua Pura. Inside one of the tents, the player can find Paladin Jensen who has been taken captive. If the player releases him, he will thanks you and say that he is going to get some payback on the Talon Company Mercenaries. He will proceed to charge into the underground section of the base, usually dying in the process. If the player clears out the base before freeing him, he will thank you and 3-4 Paladins will come into the base. These Paladins will now take control of the Fort, making it a Brotherhood Outpost.

Alternatively, the player can encounter the Paladins waiting outside Fort Bannister. Talking to them will reveal the Paladin Jensen headed into the base to scout it out for hostiles before they attack, trying to get revenge for the numerous attacks on their patrols by the Talon Company. You can tell the Paladins to stay at their positions or you can convince them the launch an assault on the base. Usually they will die unless aided by the player.

[edit] Loot

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