Fire Ant Nectar

Fire Ant Nectar
Fire Ant Nectar.png
Addiction Rate n/a
Effects +4 Agility

+25 Fire Resistance
-3 Intelligence

Weight 1
Value 20

Fire Ant Nectar is a type of edible drug in Fallout 3, it can be found on the corpse of Fire Ants. Loads of this can be found at Grayditch which has become infested with Fire Ants. Eating it will increse your Agility by +4 and your Fire Resistance by +25. However, it will lower your Intelligence by +3 for a short period of time.

[edit] Nectar Collecting for Fun and Profit

Main Article: Nectar Collecting for Fun and Profit

After completing the quest Those!, you can bring Fire Ant Nectar to Doctor Lesko who will give you 40 caps for each sample as part of the repeatable unmarked quest.

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