Finding the Garden of Eden

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Finding the Garden of Eden
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Location(s) Vault 87
Raven Rock
Received by Scribe Rothchild
Reward(s) G.E.C.K
Related Quests The American Dream

Finding the Garden of Eden is a Fallout 3 main-quest and a trophy/achievement.


[edit] Quest Objectives

After fighting your way through the Super Mutants at Murder Pass or by taking the short cut through the vault's back door, you will end up in Vault 87. The vault is where the Super Mutants were first created and it's completely over-run by the creatures, but you must fight your way through in order to find the G.E.C.K.

[edit] Vault 87

After entering the vault, you'll come to a room full of Radroaches, killed them quietly with a Melee Weapon or Unarmed to avoid gaining the attention of the Super Mutants in the next room. Open the door to the next room and you'll come to a narrow hallway with a set of stairs at the end, at the top of the stairs are two Super Mutants. You can just run up the stairs and kill them both or you can stay hidden for a minute to hear an interesting conversation between the mutants about how they were created. They talk about dragging humans down to the vault and dipping them in "Green Stuff" to mutate them. The "Green Stuff" is likely the Forced Evolutionary Virus used by the original scientists working in Vault 87.

After you've heard enough, kill the two Mutants and make your way through the Reactor Chamber and into the Living Quarters. The Living Quarters will be full of Super Mutant Masters and if you've added the DLC pack; Broken Steel, you'll also come across some Super Mutant Overlords. After fighting your way through the Living Quarters you'll arrive in the Test Labs.

[edit] Fawkes

The Test Labs contain Centaurs, Failed FEV Experiments, a crazy man called Sid and a friendly Super Mutant called Fawkes. When you get close to Fawkes he will shout at you through an intercom asking for help. Walk over to Isolation Room 05 and you'll see a Super Mutant wearing a shredded Vault 87 Jumpsuit. Fawkes will explain that he managed to keep his intellect and his sanity by reading from the vault's online database. He asks you to free him from the room and in return he will help you retrieve the G.E.C.K.

There are multiple ways to deal with Fawkes:

  • Free him using the Fire Console Control at the end of the hallway, you can choose unlock all the rooms which means you'll have to fight off two Centaurs and Sid or you can unlock room 5 which is just Fawkes.
  • There's a terminal next to Fawkes' room, if your Science skill is high enough to hack it you can unlock the door from here. There's also the option called Terminal Specimen which will send a huge fireball into the room, killing Fawkes instantly.
  • You can talk to Fawkes and refuse to free him. He begs and pleads with you and will eventually get angry and starts screaming that you can't reach the G.E.C.K by yourself and you'll be back.
  • You can simply ignore Fawkes altogether and head straight for the G.E.C.K by yourself.

[edit] The G.E.C.K

The G.E.C.K

It is possible to obtain the G.E.C.K without Fawkes, but it's much easier with his help. The G.E.C.K is located in a heavily irradiated room, without a lot of Rad-X, Rad Away and an Advanced Radiation Suit you could reach up to +300 rads per second which will kill you in about 4 seconds. Being a Super Mutant, Fakwes is completely immune to the Radiation and can retrieve the G.E.C.K without any problems. If you decide to retrieve it without Fawkes you can find an Advanced Radiation Suit behind a locked door nearby.

After you've got the G.E.C.K head back the way you came to exit Vault 87. If Fawkes was with you he will say that he upheld his end of the bargain and he'll leave through a different door that becomes locked after he leaves.

Take the same route back towards the Test Labs, about half way there you'll be hit by a flash grenade. You look up to see two Enclave soldiers and Colonel Autumn standing over you. Autumn will take the G.E.C.K and bring you back to their headquarters at Raven Rock. This will end the quest and begin The American Dream.

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