Feral Ghoul

Feral Ghoul
Feral Ghoul.png
Race Ghoul
Affiliation Ghoul Roamer

Swamp Ghoul
Glowing One
Feral Ghoul Reaver

Location Metro Tunnels
Appearances Fallout 3
Drops Items:

A Feral Ghoul is a type of Ghoul that has lost all of it's humanity. The high effect of radiation to the brain has turned them into psychotic animals. They are one of the main reasons that Ghouls have such a bad reputation in the wasteland, because humans find it hard to tell them apart from Ferals.

Feral Ghouls will attack any non-ghoul creature upon sight, when they spot an enemy they let of a high pitched scream to alert any other Ferals in the area. They don't have any weapons or armor, instead they will run at you and swipe with their hands.

They can often be found in small groups around any of the Metro Tunnels or any irradiated areas such as the Dunwich Building.

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