Fatal Attraction

Fatal Attraction
Fatal Attraction.jpg
Location(s) Presidential Metro

La Maison Beauregard

Received by Sorry, My Darling Holotape
Reward(s) All-Nighter Nightwear

Lag-Bolt's Combat Armor Lag-Bolt's Shades

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Fatal Attraction is an unmarked quest in Fallout 3. It was added on in the expansion pack Broken Steel.

This unmarked quest is usually started when doing Who Dares Wins. In the Presidential Metro (before you take the train to the Enclave occupied Adams Air Force Base) go up the stairs and enter the room to the left. Approach the bench with the skeleton on it and pick up the holotape, Sorry, My Darling. The tape is basically a woman apologizing to her boyfriend because she was not able to meet her boyfriend at the La Maison Beauregard.

Travel to La Maison through the metro tunnel Georgetown East. There will be some Super Mutants outside with Missile Launchers, Miniguns, and Assault Rifles. Clear them out and go inside. A hostile Talon Company merc. named Lag-Bolt will approach you and attack. Kill him and loot his body for a key to a suitcase nearby.

Inside the suitcase is the All-Nighter Nightwear. This completes the quest.

[edit] Notes

  • Lag-Bolt has a unique piece of armor on him, Lag-Bolt's Combat Armor, and a unique piece of headgear, Lag-Bolt's Shades.
  • The All-Nighter Nightwear looks exactly like the Naughty Nightwear.
  • Lag-Bolt will not appear until you have found the holotape.
  • This quest is a reference to Grady's Package, another unmarked quest in Fallout 3.
  • Lug-Nut, Lag-Bolt's brother, gave him the Nightwear to use with his girlfriend. Lug-Nut also appears in Grady's Package.
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