Fat Man

Fat Man
Fat Man.png
Maximum Damage 1610
Damage Type Explosive Radiation
Ammo Type Mini Nuke
Ammo Capacity 1
Weight 30
Value 999 Caps

The Fat Man is under the Big Guns category and is most likely the most powerful weapon in Fallout 3/Fallout New Vegas.

The Fat Man fires Mini Nukes, a rare and expensive ammo that deal a lot of damage. The Fat Man catapults or 'throws' the mini nuke towards an enemy.. The blast radius of the gun is large, and the Fat Man fires at a downward trajectory, so use caution when firing. The area where the Fat Man hit will be irradiated for a short amount of time.

There is a unique Fat Man in Fallout 3 named the Experimental MIRV which fires eight Mini Nukes in one shot; the player can acquire it at the National Guard Depot. It is the only weapon more powerful than the Fat Man.

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