Experimental MIRV

Experimental MIRV
Fat Man.png
Maximum Damage 1610 x 8
Damage Type Explosive Radiation
Ammo Type Mini Nuke
Ammo Capacity 8
Weight 30
Value 2500 Caps

The Experimental MIRV is a unique variation of the Fat Man. It does the same amount of damage as the Fat Man, but shoots eight Mini-Nukes at once making it by far the most powerful weapon in the game. This is recommended for using on the Super Mutant Behemoth's. It can only be found inside the National Guard Depot after the player completes the unmarked quest Keller Family Refuge.

The MIRV can be repaired using Fat Mans.

[edit] Keller Family Refuge

Main Article: Keller Family Refuge

The player must find all five holotapes in the quest to gain access to the National Guard Depot.

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