Environment Suit

Environment Suit
Advanced Radiation Suit.jpg
Damage Resistance 6
Weight 6
Cost 100 Caps
  • +5 Medicine
  • + 30 Radiation Resistance
  • The Environment Suit is a piece of armor in Fallout 3. It gives +5 to Medicine and +30 Radiation Resistance and is designed by Moira Brown to try and help survive the harsh environment of the Capital Wasteland. This is not as good as the Advanced Radiation Suit in terms of damage or radiation resistance, although the bonus in Medicine might make this better depending on your preferences.

    [edit] The Wasteland Survival Guide

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    The suit is obtained by completing the optional objective of returning to Moira Brown with a crippled body part. This can be done by jumping off of the balcony in front of the Craterside Supply.

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