Enclave Power Armor

Enclave Power Armor
Enclave Power Armor.png
Damage Resistance 40
Weight 45
Cost 780
  • +1 Strength
  • -1 Agility
  • +15 Radiation Resistance
  • The Enclave Power Armor is a variation of the Advanced Mk II Power Armor in Fallout 3, worn by the Enclave Soldiers. Wearing the Enclave Power Armor will increase Strength by +1, your Radiation Resistance by +10 and will decrease your Agility by -1 . It can only be repaired with other Enclave Power Armor.

    In order to wear Power Armor you'll need to gain the Power Armor Training perk from Paladin Gunny at the Citadel or by completing the Operation: Anchorage simulation.

    After completing The Waters of Life quest, the Enclave will after more frequently in the Capital Wasteland so you should have no problem getting your hands on some. An Enclave suit in good condition can be sold for a high price with Caravan Merchants making it a great way to earn plenty of Caps.

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