Duck and Cover!

Duck and Cover!
Duck and Cover.JPG
Effects +1 Explosives
Weight 2
Value 50 Caps

Duck and Cover is a skill book found in Fallout 3. reading a copy will permanently increase your Explosives skill by 1 point. If you have the Comprehension perk, all skill books will double to +2.

[edit] Locations

There are 25 known locations.

  • On the first floor in the Alexandra Arms. You'll find it on a bookshelf in the far south of the building.
  • Head into the bathroom in the Citadel Laboratory. You'll find a copy in a crate inside one of the stalls.
  • South of Dukov's Place, you'll find a small Raider camp. There's a copy on a small table within their camp.
  • Next to a dead body in Evergreen Mills. It's on a ledge, above a broken terminal.
  • On a bookshelf, in a small abandoned house to the south-west of the Germantown Police HQ.
  • In the lower level of the National Archives, in a room full of bookshelves. There's a copy on one of the school desks next to some Missiles.
  • In the Sub-Basement of the National Archives, in the generator room behind a locked gate. It will require a 100 Lockpick skill to open.
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