Duchess Gambit


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Duchess Gambit
Duchess Gambit.jpg
Location Riverboat Landing

Point Lookout

Leaders Tobar


Appearances Fallout 3
Related Quests The Local Flavor

The Duchess Gambit is a ferry that is added in Fallout 3's fourth DLC pack Point Lookout. It can be found docked in a new location called Riverboat Landing on the Potomac River. It's run by Tobar and for 300 Caps he'll allow you to board the ferry to travel from the Capital Wasteland to Point Lookout.
If Nadine is found in Point Lookout (in the Ark & Dove Cathedral), she will imprison Tobar the Ferryman and become the new captain. She will also transport the Lone Wanderer to and from the Capital Wasteland from Point Lookout for free.

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