Doctor Lesko

Doctor Lesko
Doctor Lesko.png
Race Human
Affiliation n/a
  • Grayditch
  • Marigold Metro Station
  • Appearances Fallout 3
    Drops Items:



    Weapons: N/A

    Doctor Lesko is a scientist that lives in Grayditch, but recently moved to Marigold Station.

    He plays a major role in the Those! quest, as he created Fire Ants accidentally. Lesko was trying to reduce the size of the Giant Ants in the area through genetics, but he ended up giving them the ability to breath fire.

    With the Entomologist perk you can find out that Lesko was actually using FEV in his experiments, the same virus that mutated the majority of living things in the Wasteland, including Super Mutants.

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