Deathclaw Hand

Deathclaw Hand
Deathclaw Hand.JPG
Uses Deathclaw Gauntlet component
Rock-It Launcher ammo
Appearances Fallout 3
Weight 1
Value 25

The Deathclaw Hand is a claw you can find on a Deathclaw's corpse in Fallout 3. It's one of the schematics components for creating the Deathclaw Gauntlet.

The best place to get them is in Old Olney or the Deathclaw Sanctuary where there are an abundance of Deathclaws. It's not a bad item to loot as each hand is worth 25 caps with the light weight of 1.

[edit] Notes

  • Despite taking the hand off the Deathclaw, the body will still have two hands.
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