Death From Above

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Death From Above
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G icon.gif 30
Location(s) Rockland Car Tunnel

Satellite Relay Station

Received by Owyn Lyons
Reward(s) 1200 XP
Related Quests Shock Value

Death From Above is a quest that was added with the Broken Steel DLC.


[edit] Quest Objectives

After the events of Take it Back!, you wake up and find yourself in the Citadel infirmary. Lyons greets you and tells you to talk to Scribe Rothchild. Rothchild informs you that the Brotherhood of Steel is pushing Enclave forces further and further out of the Wasteland. The only problem is that the enclave can still communicate with one another and organize their ranks. This leads him to believe that the Satellite Relay Station is under Enclave control.

Rothchild tells you to take the Rockland Car Tunnel, to regroup with Liberty Prime

Your mission: To infiltrate an Enclave controlled Relay Station and find out more about it.

[edit] Assaulting the Tower

You'll be greeted by Paladin Tristan when you get there, and he'll debrief you on what's happening. Now, begin your assault on the station (let Liberty Prime stay in front). He'll approach the tower and punch a hole in it, which allows an entrance for you and the rest of the Brotherhood members. However just as you're about to enter, Liberty prime detects an "orbital strike" threat. Missiles then hit the outside of the base, and Liberty Prime is destroyed (except for his head).

Tristan then approaches you and tells you to "get in there and find out what the hell just happened".

[edit] Inside the Relay Station

Once inside, the path is pretty straightforward. The player needs to battle his way through Enclave personnel and reach a computer room with a mainframe inside. Download the contents of the mainframe.

[edit] Finishing the Quest

Tristan tells you to go back to Scribe Rothchild with the data for further instructions. After fast traveling (or walking) there, Rothchild will tell you to speak with Owyn Lyons.

[edit] Notes

  • Talking to Rothchild completes the mission and awards you XP.
  • Talking to Elder Lyons will start the next quest Shock Value, where you have to retrieve a Tesla Coil from the Old Olney Powerworks.
  • If the player does not run when Liberty Prime warns of an orbital strike, he/she may die.

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