Race Human
Affiliation n/a
Location Republic of Dave
Appearances Fallout 3
Drops Items:


Merc Adventurer Outfit


Chinese Assault Rifle

Dave is the President of the Republic of Dave in Fallout 3. He took over from his father Tom, who ran the Kingdom of Tom. Dave promised to leave behind his father's dictatorship and make the Republic of Dave a freedom of democracy. While he does allow other residents to run against him in an election, nobody ever does out of fear. He also created a rule that allowed him to have 2 wife's, he explained to his first wife that he needed to help the Republic of Dave's population increase at a faster rate.

When you first arrive in the Republic of Dave, the town is about to start a new election. At first there is nobody to oppose Dave, however you can convince Bob and Rosie to run against him. Dave will still get more votes, but you can rig the Election Box in favour of either Rosie or Bob. If Dave loses the Election he'll leave the Republic of Dave and travel to Old Olney where he'll be killed by Deathclaws.

Dave was one of the 5 mercenaries hired by Allistair Tenpenny to retrieve a rare weapon from Fort Constantine. The other members were Dukov, Mister Crowley, Tara and Jeff Strayer. The mission went wrong when Dave, Dukov and Jeff betrayed Mister Crowley and Tara died of a heart-attack. Dave is in possession of a special key that you'll need to complete the You Gotta Shoot 'Em in the Head quest. This key also opens a safe in his office, inside the safe you'll find a unique Hunting Rifle called Ol' Painless

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