Dart Gun

Dart Gun
Dart Gun.png
Maximum Damage
  • 6
  • 64 damage per 8 seconds
  • Cripples Legs
  • Damage Type Poison
    Ammo Type Darts
    Ammo Capacity 1
    Weight 5

    The Dart Gun is a Small Gun in Fallout 3, it fires Darts that contain a Radscorpion's poison gland. It can instantly cripple both legs of your target making it an extremly useful weapon against fast enemies like a Deathclaw or a Yao Guai. The Dart Gun can only be obtained through a Schematics.

    [edit] Materials

    In order to build one you'll need a Workbench and each of the following items:

    [edit] Schematics

    The Schematics for this weapon can be found in the following locations:

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