Craterside Supply

Craterside Supply

Craterside Supply.jpg
Location Capital Wasteland
Main Locals
  • Moira Brown
  • Appearances Fallout 3
    Places of Interest
  • Work Bench
  • Related Quests
  • The Wasteland Survival Guide
  • The Craterside Supply is the hardware store of Megaton. It can be found to the right of the crater (of which the atom bomb is held), above Doc Church's surgery. Moira Brown sells weapons, ammo, parts, things for your house and some schematics. The shop has two floors, in the upper floor is the living space of Moira. Besides the Work Bench a hired Mercenary observes everyone who enters. In fact this guy never goes to sleep. Many of the towns residents can be seen dropping in during the day.

    The store is opened from 8.00 AM to 8.00 PM.

    [edit] The Replicated Man

    Main Article: The Replicated Man

    On the table behind the counter you can loot the Holotape that starts the quest. Taking it is not considered stealing.

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