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The Courier is the only playable character in Fallout: New Vegas. Like the previous installments, you will be able to choose the gender, name, and race of the player.

Picture of Character customization taken from a magazine scan ; Meet the Vit-O-Matic, it's New Vegas' cheeky method of character creation.

[edit] Backround

The Courier was left for dead in the desert by a T.V Robot named Victor, who takes him to the local town of Goodsprings.

[edit] Notes

  • Unlike the previous protagonists in the Fallout series, the Courier doesn't come from any Vaults. Instead, he is provided a Vault suit for Vault 21 and a Pip-Boy by the former Vault Dweller Doctor Mitchell. [1]
  • The Courier has been to New Reno in the past. When talking to the companion Cass you can tell her that you've been to New Reno before.

[edit] References

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