Commander Jabsco

Commander Jabsco
Fallout 3 Commander Jacobson.jpg
Race Human
Affiliation Talon Company
Location Fort Bannister
Appearances Fallout 3
Drops Items:



Commander Jabsco is the leader of the Talon Company. He is located deep underground at Fort Bannister. He is protected by a very large amount of Talon Company Mercs.

Unlike the usual Talon Company Mercs, he wears Metal Armor and a Talon Combat Helmet. This is odd since they offer less protection than the standard Talon Combat Armor. He is equipped with a Missile Launcher that he will use to attack the player on sight. If the weapon sustains too much damage or in the event that he drops it, Jabsco will fall back to his Chinese Pistol or his unique knife, the Occam's Razor.

He is one of the toughest NPC's in the game, having more health than a Deathclaw or Sentry Bot. No enemy has more health than him apart from a Super Mutant Behemoth or Giant Ant Queen. When Jabsco sustains too much damage, he will usually change to the "Fleeing" status, making him much easier to kill. When the player attempts to engage him, Jabsco may run to a terminal to activate a Mister Gutsy robot. If the player wishes, you can hack a terminal just before fighting Jabsco that will turn off the targeting perimeters of a nearby turret. This will lower Jabsco's health, making it easier for the player to kill him.

Killing him has no effect on the strength of the Talon Company, despite him being their leader.

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